The Big World of Small Dogs and Their Owners

It’s a small dog world after all. Get fun facts and learn about the needs of small and toy dogs with our infographic below.

Then, check out all NUTRO® Small Breed Dog Food and NUTRO® Toy Breed Dog Food to find a tailored formula that meets the unique needs of your small dog.

 The Big World of Small Dogs and Their Owners
Adult Beef & Rice Dinner


Beef & Rice Dinner


Small Breed Senior Dog Food

Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Recipe

Furry Features

Take a Hike

Taking your dog on a hike is great exercise and bonding time with them. Read our simple and easy guide to hiking with your dog to make sure it’s safe and fun.


How to Care for Older, Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, caring for them nutritionally gets more challenging. The Nutro Company provides you with surefire tips to keep your senior dog healthy and happy.


The Balance Between Treats and Meals

It’s hard finding the right balance between dog treats and meals when you want to reward them or give them a special snack. Let The Nutro Company help you find that balance to help you keep your dog healthy and happy.