Weight Management: Mister

The Real Stories Video Series

Weight problems can do more than just slow a dog down. Extra weight can affect overall health and mobility as well. Feeding a calorie-restricted diet that provides complete, balanced nutrition and promotes healthy weight loss can make a big difference. Watch how Mister went from being out of shape to regaining his vigor after switching to a natural food specifically targeted for weight loss in dogs.


Furry Features

The Power of Protein

Did you know that dogs need more protein than humans? Find out the power protein has in your dog’s food and the health benefits it provides them on a daily basis.


Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Hot temperatures can be dangerous for dogs, so learning how to keep your dog cool in the summer is important. The Nutro Company gives simple, easy tips to help you and your dog enjoy the summer together.


When It Comes to Nutrition, Breed Size Matters

Learn how to develop healthy feeding habits for your large breed dogs and small breed dogs to give them the targeted nutrition that they need on a daily basis.