Gift Guide: Natural Dog Toys, Treats and Furniture

If your dog is the dog that has everything, check out our guide to some fresh ideas for holiday stocking stuffers or gifts for any occasion.

Eco-friendly Dog Toys

Are you environmentally conscious and disappointed with how often dog toys seem to get worn out and need to be thrown away? The West Paw Design Flyer is a soft toy made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s durable and gentle on your dog’s mouth, and holds up to rough play.

For smaller dogs that like to chew and play tug or fetch, the Pawluxury Earth Dog Hemp Rope Toy is 100% made of Romanian hemp, which is a durable and renewable resource.

Multipurpose Toys

The Dura Doggie Design Beba Dog Toy is a squeaker toy and treat dispenser in one. It comes in cheerful blue or green and is perfect for hiding NUTRO® Dog Biscuits or Treats. Once your dog has discovered the treat, it’s a squeaky toy too!

For dogs that enjoy both shaking toys and playing tug, the Kong Tugger Knot Dog Toy provides options for both types of play. It has a knotted rope at either end of a plush body, so your dog can snuggle or shake it or pull on it in a game of tug with you.

Personalized Toys and Dog Beds

Looking to make your dog’s toys a little something special? You can get personalized toy bins, beds, dishes, collars, plush toys, mugs and more. Try and for some great ideas to get you started.

For the Outdoorsy Type

You and your dog might enjoy hiking together, but you might be tired of carrying your dog’s water and food along with your own. Try out one of the many available packs made just for dogs. They fit your dog like saddlebags, and let your dog carry some of the load. Dogs often feel motivated when given a job to do, even one as simple as carrying something — and the extra, evenly distributed weight will give your dog more exercise, too.

Treats and Goodies

Who doesn’t like a little goodie now and then? Human treats are generally not good for dogs, but that doesn’t mean your dog has to forego having a little something extra and delicious for a special occasion. The Nutro Company offers a lineup of NUTRO® Biscuits and Treats that are as healthy for your dog as they are tasty.

Whatever you decide to give, your love and kindness are the greatest gifts of all.

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