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NUTRO Dog Foods deliver natural nutrition targeted to your dog's unique life stage, breed size and health condition. We use the highest quality natural ingredients in our canned dog foods, dry dog foods, and dog treats and biscuits.

MAX® Grain Free Dog Food

Furry Features

Housebreaking Your Puppy

The Nutro Company gives you the tips, tricks and methods to potty-train your new puppy. From crate training to when accidents happen, we’ve got you covered.


A Guide to Dog Vaccines

Use The Nutro Company Guide to Dog Vaccines and Schedule to prevent diseases your puppy and adult dog are susceptible to. Find out what vaccinations are key to immunize your dog from, and when they need to be given.


Show Your Dog Some Affection

The Nutro Company gives you simple and easy tips to help you show your dog love and affection in a way they can understand and appreciate.