Taste and Health Benefits — Your Cat Can Have Both

There’s a general notion that for humans, “health food” means food that doesn’t taste as good as, let’s say, non–health food. Whether this is true is up for debate, but with NUTRO™ Cat Food, there’s really no contest: Cats can have healthy, natural nutrition along with enjoyable taste.

Targeted Solutions

NUTRO™ Cat Food formulas offer a range of healthy, natural foods with proven ingredients. No matter your cat’s age or lifestyle, NUTRO™ Cat Food delivers a precisely targeted formula that will provide the nutrition your cat needs — and taste great.

Variety of Types

Some cats prefer dry food; some prefer canned. It’s actually a good idea to feed your cat a mixture of both , which can promote urinary tract health, help with weight management, encourage a healthy metabolism and help keep your cat’s teeth clean. Plus, cats prefer to eat a mixture of both; canned foods increase enjoyment, while dry foods satisfy the need to eat frequently.

Health Benefits

Cats need more protein than dogs or humans. NUTRO™ Cat Food provides high–quality sources of protein to ensure your cat gets the best nutrition. The proteins used in our cat food are highly digestible and come from sources such as real chicken and fish.

Your cat also needs quality, natural ingredients that maintain skin and fur health. NUTRO™ Cat Food uses essential fatty acids (from sources such as chicken, sunflower oil and soybean oil) and zinc (found in whole grain cereals) to encourage healthy skin and soft fur.

Great Taste

As if these health benefits weren’t enough, the natural ingredients in NUTRO™ Cat Food come with a great texture and taste your cat will enjoy. Taste is an important aspect of any cat food, because even if the food provides great nutritional benefits, if the cat won’t eat it, the cat won’t get the nutrients.

Let your cat experience both an enjoyable taste and great health benefits. No matter your cat’s age, lifestyle or preference between dry or canned food, NUTRO™ Cat Food offers tailored nutrition that provides the nutrients cats need with a great texture and taste. Find the right product for your cat.



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