Video Transcript - NUTRO™ Pet Food Safety and Quality

Video Transcript



CHRIS: Our culture is founded on five principles.

On screen: Five Principles Graphic and List

Virginia: Quality.

Timothy: Responsibility.

Art: Mutuality.

Chris: Efficiency.

Juan: And freedom.

Timothy: Quality is the number-one principle for Nutro.

Art: There’s a reason “quality” is listed first.

Chris: Here at Nutro, “quality” is a huge word.

Juan: I think quality means everything to this company.


Lisa: Quality starts with me.

Virginia: Quality starts with me.

Chris: It starts from the time that the ingredients come into the building.

Guillermo: We do about 600 quality checks.

Virginia: 600 checks is a lot of checks.

Guillermo: That ensures the quality of food safety of our product.

Virginia: PV testing.

Chris: Checking, double checking …

Guillermo: Protein. Fat.

Chris: Even triple checking.

Virginia: Moisture checks at the drier. Moisture checks at the APEC. Density checks.

Virginia: We also do finished-product checks.

Chris: We hold a daily assessment panel, also known as the daily “cutting.”

Guillermo: To look at the size. We look at the texture of the product, the smell. How it looks, you know, from the customer’s standpoint.

Virginia: There are certain specifications that have to be met. And if they’re not, then it doesn’t get shipped.

01:05: Type on screen: WE OWN OUR PET FOOD PLANTS

Chris: Here at Nutro, we own our own plants.

Art: It’s made here. We have 100 percent control of it.

Chris: We are obsessed with being clean.

Art: We get visitors in that, you know, are wowed by what they see.

Chris: Every tour that I have ever given here at Nutro, the tour always tells me that this is the cleanest pet food plant that they have ever been in.

Lisa: Everybody here understands that regardless of whether you’re sweeping the floor, or whether you’re cooking the food, or whether you’re packaging it out, or whether you’re the site manager … everybody’s job is important.

Chris: We don’t rely on a co-packer to help us make our product.

Lisa: At a co-packer, you have no idea.

Art: You really don’t have that control. You don’t know truly what that co-packer is doing with your product. So, we have that 100 percent control over it. I think (it) gives us just a, you know, fantastic advantage over our competitors.

Lisa: We know exactly what’s on the label is what’s in the bag.

02:30 Type on screen: THE NATURAL AUTHORITY

Natural fortified with vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients.

Art: Nutro is all-natural, no preservatives.

Chris: We believe nutrition is found in nature.

Guillermo: We only use high-quality, natural ingredients.

Juan: The more natural, the better.

Guillermo: Natural ingredients are healthier, more nutritional for our pets.

Lisa: Whenever I feed my pets Nutro, I never have any doubt what’s going in their bowl.

Guillermo: Pet owners expect the best product from Nutro. And that’s what we provide.

02:53 Type on screen: SUSTAINABILITY

Art: Earlier in the year, my boss approached me and challenged me with this objective of zero-landfill. I was pretty excited about that. I really enjoy working towards it, you know, helping the environment. I care about this. When you compare this year to last year, the same timeframe, we’ve actually reduced our contribution to the landfill by 82 and a half percent.

03:07 Type on screen: 82.5% Reduction in Waste

Chris: Everybody cares about what we’re doing, and they’re very proud of this company.

Lisa: “Quality” is a word that’s just thrown around from company to company, but here at Nutro, our name is on that product. It’s not just a pet food. When it’s got our name on it, that’s us, that’s who we are.

Chris: What we do is highly technical. It’s scientific. It’s very demanding. That’s what it takes to make the best pet food in the world.

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