We are leaders in
pet food quality and safety

Pet food safety and quality are cornerstone principles of The Nutro Company. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our food because we care about pets. It's the reason we never compromise our standards.

No Compromise: Pet Food Safety & Quality Video

Watch the dedication and passion our associates have for food safety and quality.

Crafted in our USA facilities with the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • We own our dry pet food facilities in Lebanon, Tenn and Victorville, Calif.
  • We conduct more than 600 quality checks a day.
  • Quality experts work onsite to ensure we meet all safety standards and certifications.
  • Our dedicated sanitation experts oversee highly sophisticated daily cleaning and sanitation plans. They also supervise at least one complete shutdown for in-depth cleaning and sanitation per week.
  • All of our facilities are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - all regulated by the FDA.

What is Safety Certification?

We partnered with other pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers from the American Feed Industry Association to create an independent, third-party certification program focused exclusively on pet food manufacturing safety. This program is called The Assured & Approved Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program.

  • It goes far beyond existing pet food regulations to establish comprehensive standards of excellence to maximize pet food safety.
  • This program is entirely voluntary.
  • It serves as a reliable way to measure the safety standards of a pet food company.

Our Dry Pet Food Manufacturing Practices Are Safety Certified

For NUTRO™ this means that at our dry pet food manufacturing facilities we have:

  • Defined ingredient standards and ingredient-receiving specifications.
  • Nutritional standards and safety testing for finished products
  • Verified food-safety policies and practices
  • Tracking of all ingredients and finished products

For more details about the facility certification program, visit www.petfoodfacility.org.


What This Means to You

We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our food because we care about pets. It's the reason we never compromise our standards. And it's why you can feel confident about feeding NUTRO™ Pet Food to your pet.

Freshness and Stability

  • We buy our own ingredients.
  • We can trace all of our natural ingredients back to the supplier.
  • We work directly with our suppliers to constantly monitor and improve the freshness, quality and stability of our natural ingredients.

Pet Food Testing Measures

  • We've more than doubled our pet food ingredient tests and plan to keep up the effort.
  • We test every grain shipment for mycotoxins (secondary metabolites of fungal origin that are toxic to animals and humans) before we even unload them.
  • We test our natural, key ingredients to ensure they meet our nutritional and food-safety parameters.
  • Every finished product batch goes through careful testing to confirm microbiological safety, nutritional compliance and oxidation testing to confirm shelf stability before we ship it.