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Press Releases

The Nutro Company Gives Pet Owners an Inside Look at the Unique World of Small Breed Dogs

04/23/13 They’re easily spotted — poking tiny black noses out of bags, resting snuggly in arms and bouncing enthusiastically to greet friends. They’re small breed dogs, and while they might resemble miniature versions of larger canines, they have unique needs. To bring understanding into their finicky tastes and distinct nutrition requirements, The Nutro Company, a leading manufacturer of natural pet food products with specific formulas for small breed dogs, is providing pet owners with insights into the big world of small dogs. See more details.

The NATURAL CHOICE® Brand Team Introduces a Young Adult Life Stage for Dogs

04/23/13 Young adult dogs are not quite puppies, but they are not exactly grown-ups either. They are teenagers, and they have unique developmental needs. In support of the nutritional needs of young adult dogs, the NATURAL CHOICE® Brand Team is introducing a new formulation tailored to dogs aged six months to two years. See more details.

The Nutro Company First to Receive Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Administered by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)

08/17/12 Pet owners are increasingly interested in learning about their pet food – where it comes from, how it was manufactured and the safety of the product. After all, every pet owner wants to protect their pet in every way possible. Keeping pet safety in mind, the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) developed the Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program (PFMFCP), which assists companies in meeting or exceeding regulations to produce safe pet food products. The Nutro Company is the first pet food manufacturer to receive PFMFCP certification, demonstrating its commitment to lead the industry in producing safe products for four-legged friends everywhere. See more details.

First Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program Certificate Issued

07/12/12 The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) is pleased to announce that Eurofins Scientific Inc. (ESI), an independent third- party auditor, has issued the first three Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates. This voluntary, third-party facility certification program is designed specifically for companies manufacturing pet food or pet food ingredients. The Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program (PFMFCP) and the Pet Food Ingredient Facility Certification Program (PFIFCP) were developed by AFIA’s pet food and quality committees with input from third-party food safety experts. See more details.