NUTRO™ Sustainability & Community Initiatives

The Nutro Company has a long and proud tradition of working to make the world better for pets and pet parents. We’ve been in business since 1926, and we continue to operate responsibly and provide positive socioeconomic benefits to the communities we serve and operate. We put social and environmental sustainability at the center, while still remaining profitable. Learn about our sustainability commitment, our community initiatives and how we put our principles into action.

Our Sustainability Commitment


As a natural pet food company, The Nutro Company believes in the importance of sustainability. As a division of Mars, Inc., we embrace the Mars Five Principles — Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom — in all that we do. We seek to create lasting, mutual benefits for everyone involved in our business success by being a positive social influence, minimizing our environmental impact and creating economic value. Without integrating all of these aspects into our business, our company will not endure in the long term.

We first and foremost believe in safe, adequate, sustainable nutrition for pets in order to maintain good health. This means we improve the nutritional quality of our pet food and prevent overeating, which has the added benefits of reducing raw materials used and avoiding wasting resources.

We recognize our responsibility and are committed to the planet by reducing the impact of our products and operations on the environment. To reach our goal of becoming sustainable within a generation (SiG), we actively invest in technology and new processes to help minimize our environmental impact. Using 2007 as our baseline year, we have set hard targets for the short term to drive momentum. Our 2015 targets are to reduce fossil-fuel energy, greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 25 percent, and to send no waste to landfills. Long term, as part of Mars, Inc., we are committed to using no fossil fuels, emitting no greenhouse gases, and, by 2040, developing similar long-term commitments for waste and water. As an example of our progress, at our Victorville, Calif. facility, we have reduced waste to landfills by 94 percent (as of April 2012).

In addition, we responsibly source our raw ingredients and are working to understand their impact because they make up the largest percentage of our environmental footprint. The Nutro Company also is committed to our associates, suppliers and other stakeholders as socially responsible citizens in the communities where we work and live. Nature is our most powerful resource, and we're dedicated to taking care of it.

Read our Principles in Action Summary to learn more about our approach to sustainability.

ROOM TO RUN® Dog Park Appreciation Project


Through the NUTRO™ ROOM TO RUN™ program, we support public, non-profit dog parks and off-leash areas. We support dog parks because they provide a natural oasis for pet enthusiasts and their dogs to connect with the community and bring nature closer to home. Since 2010, the program has helped enhance over 120 dog parks and committed more than 4,000 volunteer hours across North America. Projects included landscaping and adding trees and other shade structures, as well as adding benches, agility equipment, signage and more for the enjoyment of pets and pet parents.

The Natural Disaster Search Dog Foundation


Wherever disasters strike, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is there, offering professionally trained dogs to help firefighters and other first responders find people buried alive in wreckage. To support this heroic Foundation, The Nutro Company has pledged to donate $1million to the SDF over the next five years.


The Nutro Company has supported SDF since 1998. As its exclusive dog food partner, we provide ongoing support to rescue dogs by giving them NUTRO™ Dog Food while at home, during training and while deployed to a disaster site. We give them the fuel they need to keep up their endurance and health in the face of disasters. This year's larger donation demonstrates our commitment to SDF and its mission.

RESCUE BANK Pet Food Donation


The Nutro Company partners with RESCUE BANK National Pet Food Distribution Program for an efficient donation delivery program. RESCUE BANK is a nonprofit organization that arranges the collection, transportation and redistribution of donated pet food to pet rescues and owner-retention groups all across the country.

Donate or apply to the RESCUE BANK program.

In-Kind Donations


Thank you for your interest in the NUTRO™ brand. We are currently reviewing our in- kind giving program and ask that you check back with us in the next few months for updates.