Honest Nutrition


Never outsourced. No surprises.

When we started making pet food in 1926, the measure of a happy, healthy dog was seeing it with your own eyes. That’s why we use only the finest ingredients from our team of trusted suppliers around the world to make our pet food at our own addresses in California, Missouri and Tennessee.

See where the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in NUTRO™ FARM’S HARVEST™ recipes come from.


Mix Up their Menu,
not their Stomach

Just like you, your dog loves a variety of different foods, but changing recipes could lead to issues. NUTRO™ ROTATIONS™, an exciting new way to add variety to your dog’s diet, lets you confidently switch from one recipe to another with no transition between bags - it’s that easy.


Farm Raised Ingredients
From Field to Bowl.

Keep them happy and healthy while adding real fruits and vegetables to your dog’s day with NUTRO™ FARM’S HARVEST™ recipes. Each recipe combines meaty kibble with real, farm raised fruits & veggies harvested at just the right time and freeze dried to lock in the nutrients your dog needs.