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Small Breed Adult Dog FoodChicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula

Small breed dogs require the right balance of proteins and fats to keep up with their higher energy levels. To meet their unique needs, NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Dog Food contains real chicken, whole brown rice and oatmeal along with increased natural antioxidant support. Our kibble is appropriately sized for smaller dogs to grasp and chew. Not only will your dog enjoy the great taste of our premium small breed dog food, but they’ll also benefit from increased immune system support and a healthy solution for their higher metabolism. We also guarantee healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat with omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid), zinc and B vitamins to help small dogs look as good as they feel.

Package Sizes Available: 4 lbs., 8 lbs., 15 lbs.

Overview and Key Benefits

  • Real Chicken Is the #1 Ingredient
    Real Chicken Is Our #1 Ingredient
    We include real chicken as our #1 ingredient, as well as other whole, natural ingredients, such as whole brown rice and sunflower oil, to please even the most selective palates — guaranteed.
  • Unique Kibble Shape for Oral Care
    Unique Kibble Shape for Oral Care
    Due to their smaller mouths, small breed dogs’ teeth are more prone to overcrowding, which can lead to oral health concerns. Our unique kibble shape is designed to naturally reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Antioxidants for a Long Life
    Antioxidants for Immune Systems
    Since many small dogs live up to 20 years, they need increased antioxidant support. Our DNADVANTAGE BLEND® Formula includes a unique blend of antioxidants that nutritionally rejuvenate your dog’s immune system.
  • Guaranteed to Improve Skin and Coat
    Guaranteed to Improve Skin and Coat**
    Small dogs not only spend the majority of their time indoors, but they also are groomed more frequently. This lifestyle lends itself to skin sensitivity. We guarantee a healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat with our patented levels of omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid), zinc and B vitamins.
  • Higher Energy Needs
    Targeted Nutrition for a Higher Metabolism
    Our formula has been precisely formulated with targeted levels of protein and fat to keep up with the higher energy needs of a small breed adult dog.

** Complete satisfaction or your money back
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Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis

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See the back of this package in stores for the approximate kibble size.
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Feeding Guidelines

Transitioning to Our Products
If switching to this formula or feeding NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food for the first time, we suggest you blend increasing amounts of the new formula with your old food for six days.
Read Our Transition Article
Feeding Guidelines
These are the recommended feeding amounts based on the ideal body condition for small breed adult dogs of various weights. Individual dogs’ energy requirements may differ. Adjust the amount fed to obtain or maintain your dog’s optimum weight. If feeding NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food for the first time, we suggest you blend increasing amounts of NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula Dog Food with your old food for six days. Keep fresh drinking water available at all times, provide plenty of exercise and see your veterinarian regularly. Serve dry or lightly moistened. To help maintain freshness, we recommend sealing the bag tightly and storing it in a cool, dry location.
Suggested Amounts to Feed Per Day (Cups)
Dog Weight Activity Level I
< 1 Hour/Day
Walking on Lead
Activity Level II
1 to 2 Hour(s)/Day
Playing Off Lead
Activity Level III
3 to 4 Hours/Day
Intense Training
10 lbs. 1 1 1/4 1 1/3
15 lbs. 1 1/3 1 1/2 1 3/4
20 lbs. 1 2/3 2 2 1/4
25 lbs. 2 2 1/4 2 1/2
† Use a standard 8-oz. measuring cup, which holds 2.89 oz. of NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula Dog Food.
NUTRO® Dog Food Body Chart
Underweight Dog Idealweight Dog Overweight Dog
Underweight Ideal Weight Overweight
Increase the feeding amount by one activity level to achieve an ideal weight.
Maintain feeding at the current activity level.
Decrease feeding by one activity level or feed NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Weight Management Dog Food to achieve an ideal weight.
Calorie Content
Metabolizable energy 3674 kcal/kg, 300 kcal/cup (calculated)
Nutritional Adequacy Claim
NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Small Breed Adult Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance.

Product Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by 189reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Happy dogs. Happy doggy mama. I have 2 small dogs, who eat twice daily. Beneful was making my girl sick. Nutro was vet recommended. A month since switching, my dogs love their food and are thriving. The only downfall is the bags are too small for multiple animals who eat 2 times a day. Manufacturer Coupons would be a great perk. December 23, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Bigger bag and coupons please! I have 2 rescues and a foster dog. I buy at least two 15 lb. bags a month. A 30 lb. bag would be wonderful.Coupons for this product would be really great as well.Thank you. December 18, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Natural Choice Small Breed I rescued my dog and I could not get him to eat any commercial dog food for a year. I was cooking him chicken every day. Finally one day I was in PetSmart and decided to try this brand. Got home and my dog dived into his bowl and ate all of what I gave him. Been eating it ever since. I thank you so much for putting out a great product. October 12, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Larger Bag My 2 Shih-Tzu's have been on this food for a couple of years. One of my dogs is a particular fussy eater but loves this food. Really would like to see the company increase to a larger bag for those of us who have more than one dog. Please. September 26, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by BIGGER BAG I have 3 female chihuahua's, and they love this food. Feeding 3 of them, I go through a small bag very quickly. I agree with the other person in having a bigger bag for those of us who have more than one small breed.Thanks. February 21, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by improved coat My 7 year old shih tzu had an oily coat and was scratching alot. I decieded to try nutro . After two months he has a beautiful soft coat and no more scratching. I am so glad i found this food for him. I also have a King Charles Spaniel and a Schnauzer. All of my dogs have healthy coats and high energy. I love this food. February 7, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Yes!! Larger bags for small breeds, PLEASE!!! I also agree with nicholasc. I have a Shih Tzu, a Maltese, a Chihuahua, and a Dachshund. Long story on how I accumulated my crowd, but I love them all. I would also like to see the larger bag in a chicken/whole grain blend (rice) that my dogs love so I can have the savings that larger breeds enjoy. Why not? Will it "go bad" if only one dog is eating down to the bottom of the bag? That's the only reason I would think that a one dog owner would be afraid to purchase a larger bag, but certainly with Natural Choice's quality, that can't be true, or is it? I also have been waiting for some coupons to be emailed to me since I joined, but haven't seen any. That would help alot!! February 6, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Murphy Loves It We adopted our Terrier mix in March of 2011. They sent us home with another famous brand that our Jack Russell loved so we thought great. Well, not so great because this little one was not interested. What made us choose this product was the ingredients and the fiber content and we have not been disappointed. Our boy can't wait for mealtime, he has a bright and shiny coat, and not to overshare but bathroom time is an easy pickup!Please don't mess with this formula too much!Thanks August 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best small dog food ever!! I have a toy poodle who has bad coat but after a couple of weeks on Nutro her coat is softer and looking thicker and better. My poodle mix also loves it !! Great dog food! We are impressed!! July 27, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it!! We rescued a Yorkie mix from a shelter (Hancock County Animal Shelter in Owensboro, KY) and her skin and fur were a mess! I had already tried her on a few brands when I came across this one. Boy, am I glad I did! Her stomach is very sensitive and this food is so easy on her stomach. Her fur grew back in where she was bare and now she has filled out very nicely. I can tell a huge difference in her energy level when she eats this food. Thanks Nutro! You have a customer for life! June 18, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Larger Bags. Please have adult small breed in larger bags for pleople who have several dogs.I go through a bags every 2 weeks. My dogs love their food, but it is getting expensive. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Thanks June 8, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Food Ever for our Chihuahuas!! We have 2 long haired chihuahuas. We switched to Nutro and the results were amazing! They had more energy, shinier, healthier coats, and the vet said they are the 2 healthiest chihuahua they have ever seen! Their coats have filled out and are very soft and shiny. This is the best food ever for our pets!! June 4, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Sammy loves it! My dog is a rescue and had a hard time finding the right food for him that he liked , he was a very picky eater , i even spent the $$$ on the blue buffalo and he never really was very interested in the food and sometimes never ate, but i change him to Natural choice small bites and he gobbles up his food now and is not picky any longer. Sammy approves!! May 28, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Dogs appear to like the taste my dogs experienced no digestive issues with switching to this food. I switched them in 3 days. I also notice they don't shed much anymore and their coats now have a sheen. They like the taste so I'm happy.I have 2 dogs (yorkie/Pomeranian mixes) April 10, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Company! I absolutely love Nutro Natural Choice. I have been feeding it for 5 years now on all 3 of my dogs that are different ages and sizes. Rottweiler 8 yrs, Pitbull 7yrs, Boston Terrier 2 yrs. My pitbull and boston are very very sensitive to many foods and it took me 2yrs to finally find a food that didnt make them ill. Thank you Nutro!I have never had an upset tummy effecting either end of my dogs. They have an amazing coat, clean ears, great skin and teeth, and they get complimented on it all the time.I love the representatives in the stores; they are so friendly and informative.. and the coupons given to loyal customers is another great reward of this good. April 6, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Why change to size of kibble? Just opened new bag of Small Breed Nutro Max and kibble is tiny, more like "Grape Nuts' cereal. Is this a change or should I reyrurn bag? April 5, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My dog likes it! My dog (MaltiPoo) is picky about her dog food. She will eat about anything else (fruit, vegetables, etc) but when it comes to the dry food not much excites her. Other foods she'd get around to eating if she is hungry but with this Nutro Natural Choice she eats it all right up almost as soon as I put it down. March 21, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by dzfh Hi i hv a picky eater dog , But know she likes your food .....thanku March 19, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Noticeable improvement I have seen a noticeable improvement since starting my pets on this nutro diet. Their coat is shinier. They don't shed as much. Big difference in their breath from the crunchy doggy treats with blueberry. They seem to have more energy too. I really like this product and will continue to invest in it for my dogs. March 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Dogs LOVE it! In two weeks, their coats/skin are shinier, softer and they loved the taste from the very beginning! No weaning necessary as there were NO digestive issues!! March 1, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent for picky eaters! This is one food that I do not have to mix with canned foods to get my 3 picky girls to eat it. My yorkie and 2 chihuahuas are huge fan and now look forward to every mealtime. They have a TON of energy and I can tell they are happier since starting this food. Thank You for excellent nutrition for my little ones ;) February 12, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Education is Key! Great product and excellent education from brand representative at my local PetSmart. “Chris”, at my local PetSmart in Midtown, GA took the time to educate me on the different ingredients in dog food and the point of difference with Nutro dog food. Chris also helped me pick out the right size kibble for my breed and explained how because there’s no corn in the ingredients, my little “Emma” may not have to use the potty as often. Nutro, thank you for making great products, along with educating your representatives on what good customer service looks like. January 28, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by my dogs love it please make it in a larger bag like the small breed bag go through it too fast January 25, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Food I have a 11 yr old Poodle with diabetes and Cushings Disease and he loves this food and is helping his Cushings and the diabetes is stable I also have a MINI American Eskimo who also loves this food I just rescued her 10 months ago and thefood they were feeding her (Diamond Food) she would not eat I was told, Spice was only 3 when I adopted her and vet said that her teeth were terrible so when she was spayed her teeth were cleaned and they vet said there was so much tarter and plaque with a dog about 10 instead of 3 Well Thanks to Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Spice eats all her meals now and her teeth are still shining and white even with the little of wet food I add to dry at meal time. Thanks Nutro From Bear and Spice for a great food. December 29, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love nutro! We have 4 small dogs, they love Nutro, we changed food this past summer but only for a short time. Thier coats were terrible so we switched back to Nutro and thier coats are back to beautiful again. November 30, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by My dogs love it. My three small rescued dogs love it! Because it does not have many extraneous ingredients, we were able to take our oldest dog (who has several food allergies) off of her extremely expensive prescription food and move her to Nutro small dog. I just wish it would come in a larger bag. November 7, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Choice!! I have a mini doxie who may not be a very finicky eater by taste but her tummy is very sensitive. I used to have a lot of trouble with her being very itchy and I read that it could be food related allergies, I was feeding her blue buffalo, which I thought because it was healthy it must be good. Well once I read over all the ingredients I realized it has all kinds of veggies and such that I had been reading many dogs are allergic too!! I found this to be completely insane they would put so many things most dogs can't eat in their dog food!! So I hit the pet store again with my list of must haves in a dog food in hand and thats when I came across Natural Choice. I was ecstatic! The itching stopped within a week or two, I noticed she is pooping regularly and easier, and she can't wait for meal time. We're never going back to anything else!! In fact when we adopted our cat I went straight for the natural choice to find the perfect selection of your cat food too! November 7, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by My little thumpurr loves this food. I first started with the puppy food from natural choice and he liked it but once we switched to the adult small breed he ate it twice as more. He loves it and so do we. November 6, 2011
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