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Please Your Finicky Eater: Tsunami

Video Transcript

Tsunami: Finicky Eater

Amanda: My name is Amanda, and this is Tsunami. She is a Yorkshire Terrier. My mom was a breeder and asked me to puppy-sit, and I fell in love with her, and now, she’s my best friend and she’s my wing girl.

She was my first dog so I didn’t have any knowledge of the type of nutrition that I needed to give her. I actually would just go to the store and pick whatever dog food package I liked the best. I would just get lured by the photos. And Tsunami didn’t respond to that at all. She didn’t like what I was giving her, and so she would beg me for my food, and I would just give her whatever she asked for. I would feed Tsunami steak, table scraps, anything she wanted. And no one ever told me you’re not supposed to feed your dog human food. So for about a year and a half, I’m giving her human food. And then she gets sick. She had become very lethargic, and she wasn’t able to lift her head up. So I rush her to the emergency pet hospital, and at that time, the vet told me that she had pancreatitis. One of the things that the vet told me was, a fatty human diet can be really dangerous for a small breed dog.

Table Scraps Do Not Provide Balanced Nutrition

Male Voiceover: Small and toy breed dogs, like Tsunami, are more likely to eat smaller portions or completely refuse a meal. Supplementing a dog’s diet with human food or table scraps does not provide balanced nutrition.

Tailored for Small and Toy Breeds

Male Voiceover: To please your finicky eater, select a food that’s tailored to their breed size. Real chicken as the #1 ingredient and other natural ingredients, such as whole brown rice and sunflower oil, are indicators of a high-quality small breed formula.

Male Voiceover: Kibble designed just for smaller dogs makes it easier for them to chew and the crunchy texture can naturally help reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Focus on High-Quality Nutrition

Male Voiceover: Lastly, make sure to read pet food labels carefully. Some brands will focus on flavor as opposed to high-quality nutrition. While your dog will find it tasty, it might not be the best food for them.

Amanda: When the vet told me that her illness was caused by something that I had given her, I was willing to do whatever it took to get Tsunami healthy.

Tsunami loves her natural diet. She wants her food, and she doesn’t beg for table scraps anymore. Now that we’re on a schedule, she eats the right food at the right time, and I think it helps her to be happy and healthier. She’s just back to her normal self.

The makers of NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food know your dog is unique. Feeding a proper diet plays a central role in building optimal health for your pet. However, it’s important to consult your veterinarian if you’re concerned about or see changes in your dog’s health.

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