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Proper Life-Stage Feeding: Purdee Ladi

Video Transcript

Purdee Ladi: Life-Stage Feeding

Sharon: I’m Sharon Haynes, and I am married to Frank Haynes and the mother of Shanetta. Our dog is Purdee Ladi. She is a rescued mix breed, but more than that, she is an intimate part of our family. She is my husband’s service animal. Frank has PTSD, which is posttraumatic stress disorder, from being in the Vietnam War. And he has night terrors, sometimes he actually wakes up and thinks there’s gunfire, jumps out of the bed, takes cover, those kinds of things.

With Purdee originally, she could not be left home alone. She would destroy things.

Shanetta: Purdee Ladi was anything but focused. She was just a happy puppy, but destructive. If you left anything on the floor, she was gonna get it, she was gonna chew it, she was gonna eat it.

Sharon: Purdee’s behavior at that time was just not compatible with our family. Because of my husband’s PTSD, it was just not going to work. I knew she needed training. She needed professional assistance, which I could not give her. So I took her to a dog ranch.

At that time, I didn’t know what kind of food to buy. I just went to the market, got whatever they were offering, didn’t read the labels. What could a dog need? It just needs to get full, right?

Unique Needs for Each Life Stage

Male Voiceover: Like Purdee Ladi, all dogs have unique nutritional needs for each stage of their lives. It’s important to feed your dog a life-stage-specific dog food to ensure they get all of the essential nutrients they need without the extras they don’t.

Proteins & Energy
Balance of Minerals

Male Voiceover: Puppies especially need the right nutrition. They require targeted levels of protein and energy for growth, a balance of minerals to promote skeletal development and DHA for brain development and learning.

Food Tailored to Their Life Stage

Male Voiceover: Feed your dog a food tailored to their life stage, and establish good feeding habits to help them reach their full potential.

Sharon: Because of the change in her diet and her personal training, we’ve been able to put her into a program where she could become a service animal for Frank. Should he go into a night terror, she licks him until he responds. He has to do something that allows her to know that he has popped back to reality.

Frank: In my life with Purdee, I find some calmness. I find that I can talk with somebody, and I can tell her exactly how I feel about things. With people, you can’t do that. With Purdee, she’ll sit there and take it. So she means a lot to me.

Shanetta: I don’t know what I would do without Purdee, and I don’t know what I would do without Frank.

Sharon: She has been a lifesaver for us.

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