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Improved Skin & Coat: Belle

Belle: Improved Skin & Coat

Deborah: I’m Deborah. I work at a non-profit on the east side of town. We do housing repair for the elderly and disabled. And I found my dog, Belle, when I was on the job.

I was sitting at a food trailer for a 30-minute work break I had, and I noticed this dog. The owner of the food trailer told me that Belle had been there for about 9 weeks, dodging in and out of traffic, scrounging for food, and I immediately went up to her and started making a friend. She was really mangy, really thin, constantly scratching herself, just real itchy. She had a lot of lesions on her.

The plan was to take her and drop her off at the animal shelter. And through the drive and through the process I started doubting that more and more. I knew right away that I wasn’t gonna to be able to give her to anyone else. Like that dog was my dog. We locked eyes and we locked hearts.

So I took her to the vet when I saw that I needed more help and more advice and coaching and how to restore her to where she should be for her age. The vet pointed out to me that her dry patches on her skin and her little bald spots on her skin; they could be addressed by switching to a really high-quality food.

Proper Nutrients

Male Voiceover: Without a complete diet that delivers proper nutrients, dogs like Belle can develop poor skin and coat conditions.

A Reflection of Inner Health

Male Voiceover: A dog’s skin and coat is their first line of defense against the elements and a reflection of their inner health.

Provide a high-quality, complete and balanced diet to ensure your dog gets the essential nutrients they need.

Linoleic Acid
B Vitamins

Male Voiceover: Look for foods that go even further by offering added levels of key nutrients, such as zinc, linoleic acid and B vitamins. These nutrients can promote a moisture barrier for skin and help your dog achieve a soft, shiny coat.

Deborah: After that first initial vet appointment, I thought a lot about what we talked about, and I realized that the first step was to switch her to a natural food.

So now, as a year-and-a-half-year-old dog, she is just very loving, very confident. Her skin and coat are completely restored. People comment on that it’s silky and smooth to the touch. You know, whereas before, no one wanted to touch her. Belle is like my soul mate, and when you find that dog that fits your life and your lifestyle, they really, they become very, very connected to you and you to them.

The makers of NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Food know your dog is unique. Feeding a proper diet plays a central role in building optimal health for your pet. However, it’s important to consult your veterinarian if you’re concerned about or see changes in your dog’s health.

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