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  • We are The Nutro Company.
  • We believe in natural.
  • In fact, we're obsessed with it.
  • Because natural is good.
  • Natural is nutritious.
  • Natural is pure.
  • More than 86 years ago,
  • we put our beliefs into action
  • when we began making
  • pet food that
  • focused on pets first.
  • Today, we still proudly
  • lead the charge
  • with products that build the
  • foundation for optimal pet health.
  • Using only the finest natural ingredients,
  • with added vitamins and minerals,
  • we target each specific need.
  • Protecting cats and dogs.
  • Making them stronger,
  • more youthful and vital.
  • So they can enjoy life to the fullest.
  • We are The Nutro Company.
  • Feeding pets for a lifetime of health through the power of nature.